♡ Did you know that spiders are everywhere? 

Spidy know it, and she is everywhere. Using her cobweb, she can go anywhere. But outside, there are so many danger that can kill her. Spidy, doesn't like that.

♡ Features

  • +Multiples Levels to play.
  • ! Be carefull about falling down.
  • ! Explore the tree.

♡ Controls

  • Use [W] to jump!
  • Click on a cobweb, to use your silk!
  • [A][D] to get impulse!

Win the game, to make Spidy, the happiest spider.

♡ Credits


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A very niiiice game, very entertaaaining and every detail is just sooooo adorable.

ほんとに、 かわいい です<3


I like this game <3

(1 edit) (+2)

Hermoso juego, buenas mecanicas, el artista con el diseño de escena muy buenos igual con los personajes son muy kawaii (uwu), sigue asi me gusta tu trabajo te dare el apoyo que pueda